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Julian Barnes, Before She Met Me (3)

‘Went to a film the other day. Crappy film. Ann was in it. Some other fellow – won’t tell you his name – was in it too, and later it came out that Ann was, had, had been to bed with him. Not much,’ Graham added quickly, ‘once or twice. Didn’t – you know – read more »

Julian Barnes, Before She Met Me (2)

When the flick started (Graham used the limiting noun of his adolescence: ‘movie’ was American, and ‘film’ made him think of ‘film studies’), he remembered a lot more about why he didn’t like the cinema. People talked about the artificiality of opera; but had they ever looked at this stuff properly? Garish colours, ludicrous plot, read more »

Julian Barnes, Before She Met Me (1)

He ought, of course, to have suspected something earlier. After all, Barbara knew that he hated the cinema. He hated it; she hated it: this had been one of their first courting bonds, twenty years ago. They had politely sat through Spartacus, occasionally rubbing elbows in a fashion denoting awkwardness rather than desire, and had read more »